CONSTITUTED: April 21st, 1954


Royal and Select Masters





Compiled by


Benjamin W. Polston II, PIM



By-Laws Committee

Benjamin W. Polston II, PIM

Michael Jones, PIM

Mike Wilson, PIM

James Russell Hazelwood, PIM

Robert Donald Wing, PIM







By-Laws Adopted July 1st, 2013

Approved at the Grand Council Convocation of Georgia












Covington Council No. 41





The members of Covington Council, Royal and Select Masters, No. 41 established under the authority of the Grand Council of Georgia, Royal and Select Masters do adopt the following as the By-Laws and Rules of said Council:





Section 1


The Officers shall be Illustrious Master, Deputy Master, Principal Conductor of Work, Treasurer, Recorder, Captain of the Guard, Conductor of the Council, Steward, Sentinel and Chaplain. The Office of the Recorder and Treasurer may be filled by the same person, if the Council so desires.


Section 2


The regular assembly of the Council shall be on the 1st Monday in each month, except May and September (NO MEETINGS). The time of the meeting shall be 7:00pm.


Section 3


The annual election of officers shall be at the last regular Assembly preceding the end of the calendar year, and shall be by ballot, and a majority of the votes cast shall be necessary for an election. The officers elected may be installed at that meeting or as early as convenient thereafter, as may be ordered by the Illustrious Master or Council. They shall hold their offices, unless suspended or expelled, until their successors are elected and installed.  If, from unavoidable circumstances, such election is prevented, the Council shall notify the Grand Master, who for good cause shown, may grant a dispensation to hold an election as soon thereafter as may be practicable; and all members shall be duly notified of the time set for such election.




Application for the Degrees-Balloting, Etc.


Section 1


Application for the degrees conferred in this Council must be made in writing and the candidate vouched for by two members. He must be of the degree of Royal Arch Mason, and in good standing with his symbolic Blue Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter. After the petition is read, it shall be referred to committee of three members, who shall rigidly inquire into the character, worth and standing of the applicant, and report at a subsequent meeting. This report shall be read at a regular Assembly and noted on the minutes before ballot is had. The votes must be unanimous for admission. In balloting, should there be one black ball, the petition may again be balloted on immediately, and if a black ball again appears, the candidate shall be declared rejected. When a candidate is rejected by the Council, his petition cannot again be received under six months. Any candidate elected for, and not appearing within six months to receive the degrees, without acceptable excuse to the Council, shall be ineligible to take them, unless upon a new petition and balloting.


Section 2


The members of the Council shall consist of Council Masons. Any Council Masons wishing to unite with this Council must apply by a written petition signed by two Royal and Select Masters who are members, and give satisfactory evidence of his good standing with any Council of which he has been a member. The petition must be referred to a committee of three and lie over until next regular Assembly, when it shall be again read and balloted upon; as in the case of applying for degrees, he must receive a unanimous vote. The Charge for affiliation shall be in the amount of $10.


Section 3


Any member desirous of demitting must signify it by a written petition, which shall be granted on it appearing that he is in good standing, and has paid all dues required of him to the Council, the vote then to be taken by a show of hands.


Section 4


A Finance Committee shall be appointed by the presiding officer to examine the books of the Recorder and Treasurer, and report at the Assembly set apart for the annual election of officers. Previous to the election, unless otherwise ordered by the Council, said report shall be read and entered on the minutes.


Section 5


The Council shall be opened and closed in due form at each Assembly.





Section 1


The Illustrious Master, Deputy Master, Principal Conductor of Work and Recorder or any two of the preceding, shall constitute a Committee of Charity in the recess between regular Assemblies and have power to appropriate and draw on the Treasurer for any sums not exceeding $75 for that purpose.


Section 2


The fees for the degrees in this Council shall be $50 and must be paid in full before the Council degrees can be conferred.


Section 3


All members shall pay into the funds of the Council the sum of $5 per year plus fees or assessments as dues payable in advance of January 1st of each year. Should any member fail to pay his dues for two years, he may be suspended after due notice, without trial.


Section 4


The duty of the Sentinel is to prepare the hall for the meetings, and at the close of the Assembly, to place all furniture, jewels, etc., of a movable character, in such private place as the Council may provide therefore.







Section 5


The Recorder shall collect all moneys due the Council, keep proper entries of the same pay them over to the Treasure, and at all times have his books and vouchers ready for the inspection of the Council, for which he shall receive the sum of $100 per annum, or such commission as the Council may name, as his compensation. It shall be his duty to keep a book of visitors, to record their names, etc.; he shall conduct such correspondence as may be ordered by the Council, have charge of its seal, and give timely notice of all in arrears for dues its members. He shall, whenever required by the High Priest or Senior Officer of the Chapter, issue summons for Convocations, which shall be served by the Sentinel on the members by means personally, phone call, email or left at their places of residence, business or mailed to the last known address marked “FINAL NOTICE”.





Masonic Conduct and Offenses


Section 1


The Grand Council of Georgia and its subordinate Councils will accept the discipline on Council Masons of this Jurisdiction by the Lodge of Georgia under the provisions of its Penal Code as they now or hereafter read.








Section 1


Any amendment or alteration to these By-Laws shall be proposed in writing, at a regular Assembly and read and noted on the minutes. It shall the lie over until the next regular Assembly, when the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present and voting shall be required for its adoption.










  1. Reading Minutes
  2. Petitions, First Reading
  3. Petitions, Second Reading and Balloting
  4. Report of Committees
  5. Unfinished Business
  6. New Business
  7. Relief
  8. Work and Lectures
  9. Closing