Golden Fleece Lodge #6













Compiled by


Benjamin W. Polston II

Past Commander


By-Laws Committee

Benjamin W. Polston II, Past Commander

Michael Jones, Past Commander

Mike Wilson, Past Commander


By-Laws Adopted on September 16th. 2019

Approved at the th Convocation of

Grand Commandery of Georgia on



 Article I


Section 1


This Commandery is known and designated as Saint Bernard Commandery No. 25, Knights Templar, Chartered by the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar, of the State of Georgia on the 12th day of May in the year of 1909 and being a constituent unit of said Grand Commandery of  Knights Templar is subservient to and obedient to, the rules and regulations of the same, together with the rules and regulations of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United State of America; and recognizing the Constitutions and Statutes of said superior Bodies as governing and controlling this constituent Body, all allegiance to said governing Bodies is hereby guaranteed; and obedience to said governing Bodies is hereby acknowledged, in all particulars not herein set up.





Section 1


The regular conclaves of this Commandery shall be held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00p.m.


Section 2


The Commander is empowered to convene the Commandery in Special Conclave for the transaction of special business named in the call, and for no other business, due notice having been previously given.





Section 1


The Officers of this Commandery are:




Captain General

Senior Warden

Junior Warden




Standard Bearer

Sword Bearer



who shall be elected by ballot at the last stated Conclave in March of each year, without oral nomination, and in full observance of Section 6 of the Constitution of this Grand Commandery. The Sentinel and three guards shall be appointed by the Commander, with the advice and consent of the Generalissimo and Captain General, on the night of the election, if practicable; otherwise the appointments shall be announced at the next stated conclave.




Section 2


All the Officers shall be installed as soon as possible after their election or appointment, and shall perform the duties of their respective offices, and remain in office until their successors are duly elected and installed.


Section 3


A Finance Committee of three, two of whom shall constitute a quorum, shall be appointed and organized by the Commander, and announcement made of same on election night, or at the first stated conclave after said election to serve for one year. All accounts shall be approved by them previous to being laid before the Commandery for action. This Committee shall also audit the books of the Treasurer and Recorder, and report at the last stated Conclave in March. They shall perform additional and such other duties pertaining to the work of such committees, or for the general good of the Commandery, as may be required by action of the Commandery, or by the Eminent Commander in the administration of his duties.



Article IV


Section 1


The duties of the several officers of this Commandery are those traditionally pertaining to the government of the Order as provided by the Statutes of the Superior Bodies, attaching to the several offices.



Article V


Section 1


All Petitions for the Orders of the Knighthood shall be signed in writing by the applicant on a Petition-Form, corresponding in Regulation to the form provided and adopted by the Grand Encampment of the United States of America, and by the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of Georgia, and shall be signed also by two members of this Commandery, who are in good standing as vouchers. See Section 3 herein inclusive.


Section 2


The Petition shall be presented at a regular Conclave and referred to a committed of three members(not vouchers) for investigation and report, which must be done at the next regular conclave two weeks or more from that date, unless further time for investigation is granted, except by dispensation.


Section 3


All applicants for membership in this Commandery, in addition to subscribing to the requirements of the Petition-Form, and answering the questions therein propounded, shall state where he has resided for the past three years.



Section 4


A Petition which is favorably reported on by the committee may be withdrawn before action by the Commandery or, when it appears that the Commandery has no jurisdiction over the petitioner.



Section 5


On balloting for election, one negative rejects. In case of an apparent negative, the Commander shall order another ballot, before making any announcement. After the second regular and perfect ballot he shall announce the result. A massed ballot may be taken when more than one applicant; if a black ball appears, then separate ballots shall be taken.


Section 6


One clear ballot entitles the applicant to all the Orders conferred in this Commandery, except that objection may be made to the Commandery or Commander before the conferring of the Order of the Red Cross which would act in all respects as a negative and reject the applicant.  If objection be made after the Red Cross is conferred then the objector shall prefer charges and trial shall proceed as per Disciplinary Laws.


Section 7


A candidate once rejected shall not be eligible to a second application until six months have elapsed from the date of his rejection; and no person who has been rejected in any other Commandery shall receive the Orders in this, without the consent of the Commandery which rejected him, until after three years from the time of his rejection.


Section 8


Application for affiliation shall be acted upon in the same manner as for Orders.



Article VI


Section 1


The fees for the Orders of Red Cross, Malta and Temple shall be $100 and must be paid before the conferring of the Order of the Red Cross.


Section 2


In no instance and under no circumstances shall the Orders be conferred upon an elected Companion without the fee for the orders is paid as provided; and said fee must not be remitted directly or indirectly.




Section 3


The annual dues shall be $13 (Thirteen Dollars) plus rounded up to the next even dollar if needed per member, except those otherwise exempt by Grand Commandery Code, plus any per-capita tax and assessments. This includes Grand Commandery, Grand Encampment. Dues shall be payable in advance on January 1 of each year.





Article VII


Section 1


All members of this Commandery shall be amenable to same for any unknightly conduct and may be tried for each offense and dealt with as a majority of the members present may determine, as provided by authority of the Superior Bodies, at the discretion of the Commandery.



Article VIII

Section 1


The Proceedings of this Commandery shall be divulged to no one except members of this Order in good standing, and a violation of this Article shall subject the offender, if a member, to such punishment as the Commandery my inflict.  Any visiting Knight violating this Article shall be forever excluded from this Commandery, and his Commandery notified of his unknightly conduct.  At each conclave where an applicant is rejected, this section shall be read.


Section 2


The nature of a report on a Petition for membership in the Commandery shall not be recorded in the minutes; only the fact that the Committee reported shall be recorded.



Article IX


Section 1


When a member is more than two years in arrears for dues, the Eminent Commander shall supervise and determine whether it is advisable to remit the dues of a delinquent member because of illness, infirmity or financial inability, and shall recommend to the Commandery the remission of dues whenever he deems the same justified. If the Eminent Commander does not see fit to recommend the remission of dues of a delinquent member, he shall appoint a Committee of at least two members to make a personal call, if possible, upon such delinquent member with reference thereto. The report of such Committee shall be reviewed by the Eminent Commander and shall be reported to the Commandery. The process of suspension shall be undertaken only after the foregoing preliminary requirements have been met.


Thereupon, the Eminent Commander shall see to it that the Recorder send either a certified or registered letter to the delinquent member at his last known address, giving official notice of intention to suspend such member, including the date and hour when the suspension proceedings will be brought before the Commandery for action. At the time when such suspension proceedings are brought before the Commandery, the Eminent Commander shall first inform the Commandery of all pertinent facts and circumstances regarding such delinquent member and shall exhibit the return receipt of the certified or registered letter to the delinquent member, or the unclaimed certified or registered letter, before any action shall be taken by the Commandery.


When a member of a Commandery is summoned to show cause why he should not be suspended for non‐payment of dues and fails to appear, the Commander cannot declare him suspended until the Commandery has so voted.



Section 2


A Sir Knight shall not be suspended or expelled from this Commandery except after trial on regular charges duly specifying his offense, the accused being allowed full opportunity to make his defense as provided by Statutes(Except for Suspension for Non-Payment of Dues).


Section 3


A Sir Knight indefinitely suspended or expelled, shall be re-admitted only in the same manner as unaffiliated Sir Knight.  When suspended or expelled because of suspension or expulsion in Lodge or Chapter, and is afterwards restored in said bodies, he is entitled to restoration in this Commandery, provided notice of application for same shall be presented at a stated Conclave prior to the one at which such restoration is expected to be had.


Section 4


In the case of Appeal, as provided under disciplinary rules after trial of a Sir Knight, the verdict of the Commandery shall not be made public until after the decision of the Grand Commandery.



Article X


Section 1


  1. The order of the Knights Templar is declared to be a uniformed order.
  2. Each and every officer of a constituent Commandery in this Grand Jurisdiction is required to own and possess a regulation uniform prior to his installation.
  3. Each constituent Commandery shall maintain a unit equipped with full Templar Uniforms as prescribed by this Grand Commandery, to be worn at full form openings, and the conferring of the Order of the Temple.
  4. A Commandery shall appear in public only in full dress uniform except for attendance at church services or funerals.


Section 2


  1. The fees for the Orders of Knighthood shall not be less than $100, which shall include a Life Sponsor to the Knight Templar Eye Foundation, and which must be paid before conferring the Order of the Red Cross.  There shall be no fee required for affiliation.
  2. Constituent Commanderies may give a uniform to any member thereof upon such terms and conditions as such Commanderies may desire.
  3. Any equipment supplied to a Sir Knight by St. Bernard Commandery No. 25 is not to leave the Commandery unless by consent of the Recorder and then must be returned immediately following the reason for removal has been met.



Section 3


Saint Bernard Commandery No. 25 being under the jurisdiction of the Grand Commandery of Georgia shall strictly observe the foregoing regulations and requirements and enforce obedience thereto.


Section 4


All statutes and regulations or parts thereof (in conflict with any of the foregoing requirements are hereby expressly rejected. Pro. 1950)




Article XI


Section 1


The Commander shall be ex-officio a member of all committees authorized by this Commandery, unless otherwise specified and ordered, and shall see that all business delegated is looked after and transacted, or reported on, to the end that the affairs of this Commandery be conducted with diligence and in accordance with business dignity.


Section 2


The Recorder shall have charge of all furniture, jewels and other property of the Commandery.



Section 3


The Recorder shall carefully and faithfully keep the records and members accounts, transact all the business of his office in an expeditious manner, and receive for his services $200.



Section 4


The Bonds required of the Treasurer and Recorder shall be for the amounts stipulated by action of the Commandery as practicable and sufficient or two signatures required on checks drawn on Commandery account.


Section 5


The Treasurer shall receive all monies and keep a true account of the same and receive for his services $50.


Article XII


Section 1


Amendments of these By-Laws or additions thereto, must be presented in writing at a regular conclave, and approved, and acted on at a subsequent regular conclave, for final adoption, after the consent of the Grand Commander shall have been obtained to such proposed amendment or addition.


Section 2


Two-thirds of the members present concurring shall be required for adoption.


 Rules of Order


  1. When the Commandery is about to be opened, the Sir Knights shall observe profound silence; no Sir Knight shall be permitted to leave his place in the Asylum during the progress of any work except for the furtherance of the same.
  2. Every Sir Knight shall stand when he speaks and shall address himself to the Commander with respect and decorum and shall confine himself to the subject under discussion. He shall not be interrupted while speaking unless for breach of order.
  3. No Sir Knight shall speak more than twice upon the question, without leave, nor more than once until every Sir Knight wishing to speak has spoken, and when two or more rise at the same time to speak, the Commander shall name the one who shall speak first.
  4. The report of all committees shall be in writing, and signed by at least a majority of the committee, otherwise they will not be received; except auditing bills, when one member of the Finance Committee shall be sufficient.
  5. No question shall be put unless it is seconded, and it shall not be open for discussion until stated by the Commander, when the same shall be determined by a majority of the Sir Knights present.
  6. Every Sir Knight present, when a question is put, shall vote thereon unless for special reasons, he shall be excused by the Commander, and the vote on any question shall be taken by ballot at the request of three members.
  7. No Sir Knight shall vote on any question in the results of which he is personally interested, nor when he is not present when the question is first put; nor shall there be any debate after the question is put by the Commander.
  8. No Sir Knight, except one of the majority which decides a question, shall be permitted to move for a reconsideration of such question, and then, not after the confirmation of the minutes in which such question is recorded.
  9. Any Sir Knight may call for a division of a question, when the same will admit it.
  10. Every resolution shall be presented in writing and signed by the Sir Knight proposing the same.
  11. All motions, debates, etc., the rules usually practiced in legislative bodies shall be observed as nearly as possible.
  12. This body shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order, if no printed rules are in effect.
  13. Any Sir Knight who voluntarily in open Commandery, erases his name, or desires his name erased from the books of the Commandery, as Sir Knight, shall never again be admitted as a member, and whenever he visits the Commandery, shall be put on the footing of a non-affiliated Sir Knight, and shall pay the usual fee.



 Order of Business



  1. Reading minutes of the last regular and all intervening special Conclaves.
  2. First reading of petitions.
  3. Second reading of petitions and balloting.
  4. Reports of Committees.
  5. Applications for relief.
  6. Reading communications and bills.
  7. Unfinished business.
  8. New business.
  9. Business for the good of the Order.
  10. Work and Lectures.
  11. Closing.


Past Commanders

(* Denotes KYCH)





Jeffery Lewis Anderson


Patrick William Dally


*Glenn Neal Pressley


David Orell Johnston


*Kevin Lee Hyde


James Anthony Thomas


*Robert Donald Wing


*James Russell Hazelwood


Joel Knight


*Raymond Guy Laird


*Benjamin W. Polston, II


*D.W. Hendry Sr.


*Mike Wilson


*Jim Goodman


Will Simmons


Darold Vissering


Donald Kelly


David Lane


*Mike Jones


*Pete Fleming


Roger Aspinwall


*Michael Autry


*John Wages


*Mercer Collins


*Charles David Strickland


*Larry Capes


Lloyd Spell


*J.C. Pollard


George Sullivan


*Andrew Wyatt


*Rudolph Fuglaar


Thomas Alan McCrary


*Rudolph Fuglaar


Bernie R. Goldman


*W.H. Whelchel


Oscar R. Blount


*James C. Pollard


*G.J. Giesler


Henry T. Hooper


A.C. Bennett Jr.


Virgil E. Guess


*J.L. Brookshire


*Charles Strickland


George W. Stroker


James E. Kilgore


*J. Lewis Lester


Lloyd D. Jett


R.H. Davis


Aubrey W. Harvey


*O.H. Meadors


A.M. Bennett


J. Paul Alexander


Otis T. Lott


*Andrew Q. Wyatt


James T. Price


*Curtis F. Tumlin


J.T. Brown


*C.H. Geiger


M.H. Waggoner


M.L. Davis


*W.J. Dingus, Jr.


J.C. Harwell


J.M. Allison


J.L. Skinner


H.F. Meadors


A.L. Loyd


*P.H. Ponder


A.L. Loyd


J.T. Pittman


T.C. Meadors


J.B. Weaver


J.G. Robinson


P.M. Dearing


A.L. Loyd


E.B. Rogers


J.L. Elliott


C.D. Gibson


G.P. Singler


G.T. Smith


C.A. Harwell


G.T. Smith


P.W. Godfrey


C.A. Sockwell


A.S. Hopkins


M.G. Turner


R.P. Lester


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