Golden Fleece Lodge #6






Free and Accepted Masons

Covington, Georgia




Section 1. This Lodge shall be known and hailed as Golden Fleece Lodge No. 6 under the jurisdiction of the M. W. Grand Lodge of Georgia.

Section 2. It is held under the authority of the warrant granted by the M. W. Grand Lodge of Georgia at its communication in Macon in the year 1826. To whose constitutional rules and edicts the most implicit respect and obedience shall be paid. Its jurisdiction extends county-wide state wide. within the county of Newton.

Section 3. The meeting of this Lodge shall be regular, festival or called. The regular meetings shall be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month with no meeting on the 4th Tuesday in December.

The hour of meeting shall be 7:30 P.M. o'clock for the entire year.

Section 4. The order of business at every stated meeting shall be as follows. Subject, however, to be temporarily changed or dispensed with by a vote of two-thirds of the members present:

  1. Reading and confirming minutes of last regular and all called communications.
  2. Reception of petitions.
  3. Second reading of petition and balloting.
  4. Reports of special committees in writing.
  5. Reports of standing committees in writing.
  6. Report of Building Superintendent and Trustees.
  7.   Report of Treasurer and Finance Committee.

6 8.         Applications for relief.

7 9.         Reading communications.

8 10.      Unfinished business.

9 11.      New business.

10 12.    Business for the good of the order.

11 13.    Work and Lectures.

12 14.    Closing.


Section 5. All business of this Lodge must originate at Regular meetings except the burial of the dead.

No appropriation of the funds of the Lodge shall be made at any other than a Regular meeting, Degrees may be conferred at Call Meetings provided the candidate has been duly elected at a Regular meeting.


Section 6. There shall be two Festival meetings in each year: on the anniversaries of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, respectively. Either for election and installation of officers or social reunion.

June 24th and December 27th.

Section 7. Called meetings may be held at any time at the discretion of the Worshipful Master; due and reasonable notice of the time and purpose thereof being previously given.

Section 8. No meeting of this Lodge, either stated, called or festival, shall be held unless the charter or warrant is present and fully displayed in view of the members present.       


Members of the Lodge and Their Duties

Section 1. The members of this Lodge are all who have been initiated herein or elected to membership, not having demitted or been excluded, and are bound by these By-Laws.

Section 2. They shall be bound to avoid all irregularity and intemperance which may impair their faculties or debase the dignity of their profession. They shall obey these By-Laws in spirit as in letter, and at all times uphold the lawful interest of the Lodge and extend the honor of its name.

Section 3. The various "Charges" in the three Symbolic Degrees, respectively, are hereby incorporated in this Code as a correct summary of Masonic duties. Any violation of these rules, or neglect of the duties herein specified, is an offense against Masonry.

Section 4. Every member shall be bound to attend the due summons of the Master for called meetings, health and business permitting and shall not retire without the permission of the Master before the same be closed.

Section 5. When the Lodge is opened, every brother shall conduct himself with that order and propriety which the solemnity of the institution demands, and shall not enter or leave the Lodge without permission of the Worshipful Master, to whose commands they shall at all time be obedient. Should any member so far forget the decency and respect due, as well to his own character as to the Lodge, as to enter therein in a state of inebriety, or having entered, should by his misconduct disturb the harmony and business thereof, he shall receive a reprimand from the W. M. and be obliged immediately to retire.

Except of the non-payment of dues, there can be no suspension until after trial.


Officers — Elections

Section 1. The officers of this Lodge shall be as follows!

  1. Worshipful Master
  2. Senior Warden
  3. Junior Warden
  4. Treasurer
  5. Secretary
  6. Chaplain
  7. Senior Deacon
  8. Junior Deacon
  9. Senior Steward
  10. Junior Steward
  11. Tyler


The first five to be elected by ballot annually — on the 2nd Tuesday in December and the installation at the same meeting or as soon as possible thereafter. The other officers to be appointed as follows: The Senior Deacon by the Master-elect; the Junior Deacon by the Senior Warden; and the Stewards by the Junior Warden.

The Chaplain and Tyler appointed by W. M.

Section 2. All officers, duly elected and installed, shall hold their offices until their successors are duly elected and installed.

Section 3. Every Master Mason, a member of the Lodge and in good standing, shall be entitled to vote, and no others. A majority of all votes cast shall be necessary to a choice and no member shall expose his vote, but the same shall be privately deposited.

Every Master Mason on roll is entitled to his vote, regardless of the status of his dues account.


Petitions — Ballots

Section 1. All petitions for initiations, affiliation and reinstatement shall lie over until the next regular meeting after the one at which they are presented. If the applicant for initiation or reinstatement be rejected, his fee shall be returned to him and if upon election, he shall fail to avail himself thereof for twelve months, he shall not be received without a new ballot.

Section 2. All ballots for initiation, affiliation and reinstatement shall be unanimous; but the Master, if there is one negative ballot, before declaring the result, must order a new ballot be taken. No further ballot shall be allowed. A candidate once rejected for initiation or reinstatement shall not be at liberty to apply again until after the expiration of twelve months from the time of such rejection.

Section 3. All petitions for degrees in this Lodge shall be presented in writing, vouched for by the two Master Masons, one of whom must be a member of the Lodge, which shall be read at the regular meeting and lie over until the next regular meeting for consideration and examination into and respecting the character of the candidate. No degree shall be conferred in this Lodge unless the fee for the same is paid in advance.


Fees, Charity, Etc.

Section 1. The fees for the degrees shall be as follows: For the first degree $50.00, to accompany the petition; for the second degree $25.00, to be paid before the degree is conferred; for the third degree $25.00, to be paid before the degree is conferred.

Section 2. Each member — except such as are exempt under Grand Lodge law — shall pay as annual dues to this Lodge the sum of $35.00  Grand Lodge of Georgia annual fees, dues, assessments and other charges plus $10 same to be due and payable in advance on the 31st day of August 1st Day of January each year.

Section 3. The first three officers of the Lodge shall be a Standing Committee on Charity, and may draw upon the treasury to relieve a necessitous Brother, to the amount of $100.00 or discretion of the committee, but not to exceed $100.00. But all applications involving a larger amount shall be determined upon by a vote of a majority of the members present.



Section 1. There shall be three Standing Committees of the Lodge: 1. Committee on Charity. 2. Committee on Finance. 3. Committee on Audit.

Section 2. The Committee on Charity shall consist of the Worshipful Master and Wardens. They shall dispense the beneficence of the Lodge so as to relieve the distressed and afflicted in the speediest and most practicable manner, and may take such measures in providing means for the sick, and making preparations for the burial of the dead, as any sudden emergency may demand.

Section 3a. The Committee of Finance shall be appointed by the Worshipful Master, at the time of his installation. The Finance Committee Chairman must be a Past Master. All bills against the Lodge, and no account shall be submitted to the Lodge for payment, until approved by the Finance Committee except utilities, pest control, insurance, taxes and emergency repairs. The Lodge shall maintain only one checking account for submitting and paying of bills. The Committee on Finance shall also be responsible for presenting options for investments of excess “Funds” to the Lodge. These “Funds” shall be invested in stocks, bonds, government certificates, certificates of deposit and other such instruments as may be most expedient and advantageous. All Changes of investments will be presented to Lodge for Majority Vote. At Annual Meeting in December the Finance Committee will submit in writing and a verbal account of all Lodge funds and investments. A member of the Finance or Audit committee cannot have signature privileges on checks and accounts of the Lodge.

Section 3b. The Audit Committee shall examine and audit each year the books of the Secretary, Treasurer and actions of Finance Committee. The Committee on Audit shall be appointed by the Worshipful Master at the time of his installation. The Audit Committee Chairman must be a Past Master.

Section 4. All committees shall be appointed by the Worshipful Master, and shall consist of three Master Masons when, not otherwise directed as to number. All reports of the committees shall be in writing unless otherwise ordered by the Lodge.


Offenses — Trials — Penalties — Relief

Section 1. An offense in Masonry is an act which contravenes these By-Laws, the Constitution and Edicts of the Grand Lodge, the written laws of Freemasonry, a law of the land or the law of God.

Section 2. Unmasonic conduct consists of divulging the transactions of the Lodge to any but a Freemason, or a member of the Lodge, involving a secrecy of the ballot box; rude and indecorous behavior in the Lodge; contumacy in refusing obedience to a Lodge summons, and all acts incompatible with the duties and obligations of Freemasonry.

Section 3. The Senior Warden shall report all matters of offense or unmasonic conduct occurring while the Lodge is at labor; the Junior Warden, such as may occur while the Lodge is not at work — but they may use a discretion whether to report the occurrence, or to make them the subject of private counsel and admonition. All such reports shall be in writing, and in the form of charges and specifications.

Section 4. The penalties which may be inflicted are such as are provided by Georgia Masonic Code.

Section 5. On all trials the Secretary shall record the evidence, and in case of appeal shall transmit a copy to the Grand Lodge.


Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 1. Applications for advancement may be entertained at any time, and as often as the candidate may think he is prepared, and has made suitable proficiency; they shall be voted on, however, as in case of initiation, and the ballot shall be unanimous.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all monies from the hands of the Secretary, keep a just and true account of the same, and pay them out “subject to the signature requirements below in Section 2a” by the order of the W. M. and consent of the Lodge, and have his books in readiness for the examination of the Audit Committee on or before the first regular meeting in December as each succeeding term of office shall expire, and shall hand over to his successor in office the books, papers and funds of the Lodge remaining in his hands. For the faithful performance of the duties of his office, the Treasurer shall receive $125.00 $200 per annum.

Section 2a: Two Signatures are required on all accounts of the Lodge. Approved Signatures: Treasurer, Worshipful Master and Senior Warden.

Section 3. The Secretary shall receive $300.00 $500 per annum as a compensation. The Lodge will furnish his supplies. He shall record all the proceedings of the Lodge proper to be written, inform the Grand Secretary of all the rejections and suspensions, and conduct such other correspondence as he may be directed by the Lodge or W. M.; collect all monies due to the Lodge, and pay them over to the Treasurer and take his receipt for the same. To make out a correct return to the Grand Lodge of Georgia agreeable to the rules and regulations thereof; and also, to have the books and papers of the Lodge in readiness for the examination of the Audit Committee, on or before the first regular meeting in December, as his term of office expires; he shall make out a correct list of all delinquents who are in arrears for dues for one year or more to this Lodge, which shall be placed convenient for the inspection of its members on each night of meeting; he shall also keep a regular cash account of all monies received by him on every lodge night, designating from whom and for what received, and shall pay the same immediately to the Treasurer, taking his receipt for the same, and the amount so received shall appear upon the minutes of the lodge and he shall open an account with each member of the lodge for this purpose.

The Seal of the Lodge shall be in his special keeping.

Section 4. No one shall inspect the ballot but the Master and Wardens, and no Brother shall be permitted to make known to another, or to the Lodge, what manner of vote he has or will cast. The secrecy of the ballot shall be inviolable.

Section 5. Members in arrears for dues for more than one year shall be subject to suspended suspension.

Section 6. It shall require a vote of majority of the members present to determine any questions before the Lodge, except in the cases where otherwise prescribed.

Section 7. The W.M. shall, at the regular meeting in each quarter of the Masonic year, appoint a Committee of Morality, and whose duty it shall be to report all unmasonic conduct.

Section 7. Each and every visitor to this Lodge shall be formally introduced by the Senior Deacon, and he shall be required on his first visit by the W. M. to record his name, place of residence, and Lodge from which he hails, in a book kept by the Secretary for that purpose, and the names of all visitors shall also appear upon the minutes of the Lodge.

Section 8. The Lodge shall purchase a Past-Master jewel to be presented to the retiring Master. To be selected and presented by the Senior Warden.

Section 9. There shall be elected by secret ballot three The trustees of the Lodge for the terms one, two and three years respectively. shall be the WM, SW and JW. There shall also be a Building Superintendent elected annually. Their The compensation of Building Superintendent shall be as follows: two-thirds of 3% 2% of commissions on all rents collected.and interest collected. shall be paid to the treasurer of the trustees who is selected by the trustees and who collects and disburses the funds, and one-third of 3% shall be divided equally between the other two trustees. The duties of the trustees and superintendent shall be, but not limited to the following: to keep the Lodge building and other real estate in proper order and repair, to rent or lease property not in use by the Lodge; to collect said rent. and invest monies so received in U. S. Treasury Bonds or in savings account in banks or savings and loan associations. All repairs that are not of an emergency nature will be brought before the next regularly stated lodge meeting for approval. The books of account and other records kept by the trustees shall be audited by the Audit committee annually and a report as to receipts and expenditures plus any assets owned by the Lodge shall be reported to the Lodge annually on or before the first regular meeting in December.

Section 10. The Lodge shall purchase 25-year buttons to be presented to members who have been a member for 25 years continuously in good standing.

Section 11. At the discretion of the Secretary; flowers, commemorative Brick or any other suitable and reasonable memorial to will be sent on death of Master Mason of this Lodge in good standing; his wife if she dies before he does and all minor children if they precede the death of the Mason.

Section 12. The All utilities of the Lodge shall be paid out of the trustees fund. by the Lodge.

Section 13. The rental and lease of all Lodge property. The lease renewal of all Lodge property, the purchase and renewal of all insurance on Lodge property shall be brought before the lodge for discussion and vote. After approval of the Lodge, and after each new lease or renewal, all rental property is sole responsibility of the board of trustees.

Section 14. All members of the Lodge must shall receive a copy of the By-Laws, and new members when shall sign for same when they receive the Master Mason degree.

These By-Laws adopted by Golden Fleece Lodge No. 6 at the second reading at a regular meeting night on June 10, 2003, by unanimous vote. The first reading being a regular meeting May 27, 2003.

By-Laws were submitted by the following:

Johnny Freeman, PM Chair

Michael H. Wilson, PM

Jim Goodman, PM

Benjamin W. Polston, II PM


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