1842 Madison Letter on State of Craft
1841 Loan from Isaac Walton to GM W. Dawson
1876 Request to Form New Lodge in Walnut Grove
Petition to Form New Lodge in Oxford Name after Ignatius Few
The Mystic Tie Letter and Importance of Brotherly Love
1901 Golden Fleece Lodge No. By-Laws
1875 Financial Records
1874 Mayor and Sheriff Lewis Zachry Obituary
1870 MC Lilley Catalog
1870 Female College from Jos A Ansley Esq.
1868 Powers Masonic Publications Sales Flyer
1865 Letter Request for Good Standing
1861 GLOFGA Standard By-Laws
1859 Golden Fleece Lodge No. 6 By-Laws
1858 Golden Fleece Lodge No. 6 By-Laws
1856 Geo H Daniel Letter
1852 Traveling Minister Creed Fulton Documents
1851 John Loyall Letter
1851 G. Washington Monument Donation Request
1850 Ministers Circular Letter
1849 GLOFGA Letter Stating Golden Fleece Lodge No Change
1839-1850 Golden Fleece Financial Records
1838 List of Lodges from Grand Lodge of Georgia
1858 By Laws
Golden Fleece Lodge No. 6 Original Roll Book from 1826